Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has put into service the new world’s largest Supercharger station with 72 second-generation charging units in Shanghai.

Tesla announced that it has launched the world’s largest Supercharger station in China. With the opening of the facility with 72 charging units in Shanghai, the title of the world’s largest Supercharger station owned by the 56 charging unit facility that the company opened in California last November has changed hands. Unlike the open-air facility in California, the new facility in Shanghai is located indoors, according to shared photos of the facility. The company may implement facilities with more charging units in the coming days.

China is an important market for Tesla
Unlike most automakers that make electric vehicles, Tesla does not trust third-party charging providers. Unlike third-party providers, Tesla does not rely on the charging network as a source of income. Instead, it aims for the Supercharger network to add value to the Tesla ownership experience.

The new station has 72 second generation Superchargers that can power up to 150 kW. Compared to the facility in California, this facility in Shanghai has units that provide less power. This will require longer charging times, but both the higher number of charging units and the lower density of vehicles compared to California’s are seen as factors that will reduce waiting situations in the future.

Tesla has sold more than 20,000 locally produced Model 3 electric vehicles to China, making it an important market for the company. At the same time, 23,000 electric vehicles are said to have been built at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai last November. Some of the vehicles produced in the Shanghai factory are sold in China, while some are exported to Europe and other markets.


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