Tesla has literally reinvented the concept of electric cars. The company’s stylish and environmentally friendly vehicles that offer autonomous driving are so popular that Tesla had a long time to keep up with orders. He overcame all his problems, sped up the production line, and this time the Covid-19 outbreak came into play. For this reason, Elon Musk made a statement that closing houses due to the pandemic and stopping the production of businesses would cause more damage than the epidemic in the long term and had a great reaction. Finally, it was learned that the company will cease production for 18 days, see why.

Tesla will not produce for 18 days

Latest news from Tesla, the company will keep its two production lines closed for 18 days as of December 24. According to the CNBC report, it is not entirely clear why these two production lines were shut down. Still, there are some predictions on the subject. Despite the shutdown, the workers working in these two bands will still receive a weekly payment or, if they wish, can assist the company in the delivery of the vehicles produced on other lines.

Be exempt from tax

According to auto industry analyst Edward Neidermeyer, Tesla sought a tax relief from the state of California in 2015. This discount has already been bought for parts, which will increase capacity to 195,000 Model S and Model Xs by 2021, in addition to the 77,000 vehicles produced annually. Tesla produced 145,000 vehicles annually in 2020, 17,000 vehicles below the target. For this reason, it is thought that during the 18-day shutdown, the company will make improvements to be able to produce more. This situation will save Tesla from paying millions of dollars in taxes.

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Production is not at the desired level

Despite all the efforts of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla cannot get the efficiency it wants from production. The company, which plans to produce 500,000 vehicles in 2020, is far behind this target so far. The company, which has managed to deliver only 318,500 vehicles a year so far, must make a sizable number of deliveries within 18 days to achieve its goals. The company has not made a statement about production targets or an 18-day shutdown so far.


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