It turns out that Tesla will stop production of the Model S and Model X for 18 days after an e-mail sent to the workers is intercepted.

Tesla plans to suspend production of Model S and Model X electric vehicles for 18 days from the last days of December, according to an e-mail sent to factory workers, a copy of which was received by CNBC.

Production at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California will end on December 24 and restart on January 11, according to email.

Little interest in Model S and Model X?
In the email intercepted by CNBC: “We ask you to take the opportunity to refresh your family or spend time with your family, so Tesla will pay you a full week for the week of January 4. Also, during some of these times, there is a limited fee to support other shops or volunteer for delivery. you will have opportunities. ” It was stated that the statements were included.

Of the 139,300 cars Tesla produced in the third quarter of 2020, only 15,200 were Model S and Model X vehicles. While the reason behind Tesla closing the factory for a while is unknown, some think it was closed due to a lack of demand.

This 18-day shutdown will be an opportunity for the company to update the production line.


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