Although it has received great criticism, Tesla has the most advanced software for the driverless car experience. It is said that Elon Musk is looking for a new update to increase this experience.

For the driverless experience, Musk recently made a software update that detects traffic lights. More updates are on the way compared to a Tesla channel broadcasting on YouTube.

How will Tesla make updates for the Driverless car experience?
The Tesla specialist on YouTube has gathered Elon Musk tweets and information from local backstage. Accordingly, the company plans to improve its driverless car experience to a much better level.

It was first discovered that Tesla was planning to make an update in mind that would make the autonomous cars spin more easily on busy street roads.

To this end, a number of updates are expected, including efficient lane handling, automatic steering control and cruise control. If these updates come in, Tesla seems to offer a much safer driverless car experience.

Musk will also add to its cars the ability to read speed limits. In fact, Tesla already has a patent for ‘Mobileye’ related to reading speed limit signs. Cars can detect the speed limit by pulling this data on the map for now. What is expected is that this feature will become much more effective with artificial intelligence.

Responding to a user’s request on Twitter, Musk also confirmed that the vehicle will update to show how many kilometers the vehicle has traveled in autopilot mode on the meter.

Another update will be possible to see both km and battery percentage on the screen at the same time. Currently, only one of them can be seen on the screen at certain times.

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