Tesla’s advanced autopilot system successfully completed a long-distance trip. A Tesla Model 3 with Fully Autonomous Drive traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles without driver assistance.

Tesla continues to develop the Fully Autonomous Drive (FSD) feature for its electric cars. Elon Musk announced the start of the Fully Autonomous Driving beta test in October last year. A video showing the capabilities of FSD technology was posted on YouTube.

A Tesla Model 3 loaded with Fully Autonomous Driving beta successfully completed a “long-distance” journey that started in San Francisco and ended in Los Angeles. The shared video shows how the car, which travels 614 kilometers on its own, performs in different driving conditions such as highway and city.

The trip went well overall
Although the owner of the electric car says that he is generally satisfied with the journey, it does not go without attention to a few shortcomings of the system. The driver had to take control of the car for a second to avoid an obstacle in the road. He had to intervene in the car when he got to the gas station.

Also, the owner says he witnessed a strange behavior of the FSD feature on one of the streets of San Francisco. The car has changed lanes unnecessarily. However, all these minor negativities do not change the fact that Fully Autonomous Driving technology should be considered a serious success of Tesla.

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