It was decided to establish Tesla’s new factory in Austin, which will be built on an area of ​​464.515.2 m² and produce vehicles such as Cybertruck, Semi Truck, Model Y. 5,000 people are planned to work at the factory.

Tesla has been trying to determine a suitable location for the new factory it will establish in the USA in recent months. This new area with a total investment of 1 billion dollars will provide thousands of jobs and will be the place where the company’s most current cars such as Cybertruck will be produced.

We saw the struggle of many cities in the USA for the new factory to be established by the world’s most valuable automobile company. It is known that cities such as Austin, Tulsa, Oklahoma are negotiating to host Elon Musk’s new factory. Tesla, on the other hand, determined the city where he would establish his new factory. The company announced on Wednesday that the new factory will be established in Austin, Texas.

Tesla, which will establish four plants in total and the second factory in the USA, will be located 5 minutes from Austin International Airport and 15 minutes from the city center. Saying that the land is an “ecological paradise” along the Colorado river, Elon Musk will also be one step closer to developing important projects with the new factory.

Tesla’s new models will be produced at this factory

The new facility that Tesla will establish will also pave the way for the company’s highly anticipated models. These models include Cybertruck, Semi Truck, Model 3 and Model Y. The factory, which will be built on a huge area of ​​464.515 m² in total, will employ up to 5,000 workers, with an hour of 15 dollars.

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With Tesla’s new factory to be established in Austin, the number of giant factories will increase to 4. The company has factories in Shanghai and Berlin, as well as its huge factory in Freemont, California. Austin will be the company’s fourth factory. Tesla also aims to increase its California plant to 929,030 m² in the coming period. Although the company was the most valuable car company in the world, it lagged behind other car manufacturers on the production line. These huge factories seem to overcome this shortcoming.


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