Spiritus will be the first car to mine cryptocurrencies.



Canadian lightweight electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak has announced that the first prototype of its future-proof three-wheeled Spiritus will begin issuing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies today.

The process will be publicly posted on the company’s website, and viewers will be able to watch the car’s earnings in real time.

Daymak first announced that Spiritus will be able to mine crypto on June 1.

The latest technology feature is supported by the Daymak Nebula platform, which is currently patent pending.

The prototype of Spiritus is integrated with a powerful GPU that starts crypto mining when the vehicle is parked. The tool also comes with a Nebula Wallet designed to collect and store profits from mining operation.

Other e-car manufacturers will be able to purchase a license to integrate their Nebula platform into their vehicles.

In addition to the crypto advantages, the three-wheeled vehicle also has the possibility of wireless charging.

The Spiritus model is expected to launch in 2023, but pre-orders are currently priced at $18,495.

An extraordinary marketing move

Daymak founder Aldo Baiocchi states that blockchain is the “most innovative” technology in our lives:

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are two of the most disruptive innovations of our time, and we are proud to be the first automaker in history to include it in our Spiritus electric vehicle offering.

He envisions a future where Spiritus owners will pay for their vehicles with cryptocurrency earnings from their cars.

Each tool will be able to act as a node on both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains.

It is not yet clear whether the car will actually be able to “depreciate its price” as the mining feature will likely be unprofitable.

No matter how economically viable this feature is, it’s definitely a great marketing tactic that will attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Even those who find it pointless can embrace the idea of ​​crypto mining in your car at the click of a button.

Also, Spiritus makes it clear that a car can be more than just a depreciating asset.


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