Apple’s new MacBook Pro computer model appeared. The computer, which will be released soon, will also have a 14-inch variant.


Apple, the second name in the world of smartphones, is preparing to mark 2021 with its new computer models. The company, which will introduce the iPhone 13 smartphone model towards the end of the year, will try to meet the expectations with its new computers. The company, which has recently come to the fore with developments that it may delay its new computers for the next year, plans to present its computers this year. The company, which launches iPad Pro models, also brings its tablets to its users within the scope of pre-orders. Today the 2021 model appeared from the MacBook Pro end.

Apple, which has been successful with its computers as well as its smartphones, seems to explode the bomb soon. The company, which will display the 2021 model computers as 14 inches and 16 inches, showed the 14-inch variant from the tip today.

MacBook Pro 14 Inch Appears

Apple, which is expected to introduce new computer models in this way, is working very hard. The company, which made mention of many of its products this year, recently introduced the iPad Pro. Eyes are now looking for the new computer series. Some images emerging today have also claimed that a 14-inch variant of the new computer lineup could be released soon. As millions continue to wait for AirPods 3, the countdown continues for the new MacBook Pro series. It is still unknown when the company will introduce new computer models.


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