While the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is refreshing the record day by day, the 2021 warning came from Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos.

Antonopoulos states that, contrary to what is expected in 2021, the economic crisis will not benefit BTC.

Speaking in a recent interview, Antonopoulos made evaluations about the possible economic consequences of the Coivid-19 epidemic around the world and the air flow it will create. In the opinion of the Bitcoin advocate, he warns that Bitcoin will be adversely affected by the adverse air flow and that different consequences may occur depending on the way the US government manages the economic crisis.

Antonopoulos used the following sentences in his speech:

“To be clear, I think the situation will get worse. The actual wave of the disease has not yet reached its peak and it will not peak until March, according to my prediction. The economic impact of Covid-19 could not be prevented and delayed, especially in the USA. Economic problems have been postponed for approximately 1 year and no further postponement can be made. I think there will be very, very difficult times in the coming days. An unstable economy is not good for Bitcoin. In a global currency like Bitcoin, it’s not going to be building success to six billionaires. I don’t think the way to achieve the success we want in Bitcoin is the economic crisis. Many people in the crypto market are optimistic about the economic crisis and think these crises will be positive for Bitcoin. The humanitarian impact of the crisis will not bring Bitcoin to better positions. To be honest, I hope to see that the Euro and Dollar for Bitcoin are not destabilizing. For Bitcoin, I want the US and European economy to progress steadily. If this progresses like this, people may have more opportunities in their lives. If people don’t have the opportunity, Bitcoin can have it. “


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