Steam is giving the two-dimensional action game Steel Rats for free until April 4, 2021. You can find the details in our news.

Steam, one of the cornerstones of PC gaming, started distributing a new game for free through its own store.

The two-dimensional action game Steel Rats, published and developed by Tate Multimedia, is now available for free on Steam. The deadline to get the game for free is April 4, 2021. If you add it to your account until that date, the game will be completely yours.

You can access the game’s Steam page here. You can also find the gameplay video and promotional article of the game below.

Introductory Letter
Become a Steel Rat and drive through hordes of enemies to wreck them, alternating between four unique characters as you blow everything apart with your flaming saw blade killing machine, your motorcycle. Street Rats is unlike any other game of its genre, with compelling 2.5D acrobatic motorcycle racing action full of precision platforms and intense vehicle battles.

Your motorcycle is your weapon in your battle against the alien Junkbot hordes. Combine close combat with deadly precision shots using fearsome vehicle weapons like wheel-mounted saw blades, harpoon guns, and flaming exhausts. Start your engine and master realistic physics-based controls to perform acrobatic stunts and skillfully destroy Junkbots. The more creative the destruction, the better! Climb walls, flip over the edge of buildings and let the atmosphere of chaos as you ride upside down. Discover the secrets of Coastal City and uncover the mystery of the Junkbot invasion.


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