NZXT’s pleasant-looking case is on the agenda with a fire in recent days. Thanks to the long-lasting pressure of the users, the company finally recalls its cases.

The NZXT has been in trouble with its vertical chassis for a while. The posts about the safe that could cause the fire were finally responded.

NZXT H1 is a compact chassis that attracts users with its simple appearance. The PCIe riser cable, which is included in the H1 to use an external graphics card, endangers the lives of users.

Flaming NZXT chassis
The problem that GamersNexus has focused on in the last weeks can be summarized as the short circuit of the PCIe riser cable that comes with the chassis, resulting in high temperatures and fire. Although it is an option with high expectations due to its $ 350 case price, it came up with an important problem.

NZXT received negative feedback from users during this process due to the slow pace of the chassis where the power pins on the PCIe stand reach back to the PSU.

Let’s write down so you don’t worry. Normally, the loop coming from the PSU and passing over the graphics card is back to the PSU with the ground line over the motherboard.

However, the screw in the PCIe slot on the riser cable provided by NZXT is in contact with the 12v pins of the PCI slot. It may not always be a problem due to the non-conductive paint of the case.

On the other hand, as the screws fixing the PSU to the chassis erode the paint, the road from the screw reaches the PSU in NZXT H1. The thin path formed in the contact area of ​​the screw causes heat and then fire due to its high resistance.

NZXT has stated that it has received 11 feedback from overheating so far, and no injuries have been reported. Recalling NZXT H1 vaults with the document published by the American User Safety Commission. The company sends free PCIe riser cable to users who fill out the application form to solve the problem.


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