On June 5th, one of the known names of the cryptocurrency world on Twitter, “What is the most exciting Bitcoin project now?” asked.

Some of the best answers to these questions are compiled as follows:

The new version of Bitcoin Core

Considered as the reference application of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core is free and open source software. This software acts as a Bitcoin node and a Bitcoin wallet that fully verifies payments. The 20th version (version 0.20.0) of Bitcoin Core was released on June 3. This version included a new configuration called “Asmap”. This new code is an experimental study developed so that players such as governments or large companies can defend the network in case the players attack it on the Bitcoin network.

Atomic Loans

Decentralized and unsecured Bitcoin loans platform. You can get a stable cryptocurrency loan when you deposit your BTC as collateral. When you deposit your stable crypto coins, you earn interest from them. Atomic Loans; Supported by Initialized Capital, Consensus and Morgan Creek.

in openno

OpenNode is a platform that enables businesses to accept / manage Bitcoin payments with easy-to-use payment requests / templates. Thanks to the Lightning Network, it supports instant and low-fee payments and allows Bitcoin to be converted into local fiat manually or automatically.

On December 18, 2018, OpenNode announced that Tim Draper received an investment of $ 1.25 billion from the investment company Draper Associates founded in 1985.

RSK Labs

Founded in 2015, the startup stated that RSK is the first general-purpose smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network. RSK’s mainnet (main network) started operating in January 2018. RSK, meaning Rootstock (Source), is a side chain project (like Blockstream’s Liquid). It aims to gather the best parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum under the same roof. Also, security is provided here by more than 40 percent of the computer power of the Bitcoin network, and its programming capability is equal to Ethereum. Because both are naturally supported by Solidity Smart Contracts and the same APIs.

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Magic Internet Gathering (MintGox)

MintGox is an online assembly platform powered by Bitcoin and Lightning Network, showcasing the future of video games. It was officially launched on March 16, 2020. This community, which has 217 members, communicates via Discord. MintGox’s Bitcoin and virtual Lightning game tournament was held on March 29.

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