As you know, coronavirus cases have increased considerably and we have to spend weekends at our homes until a second circular. Watching a good movie is undoubtedly at the top of the home activities. Thus, time passes by like water and we take our film culture one step further. Today’s topic will be the best movies in thriller genre. You can be sure that we have brought together the most exceptional productions for you. It is also worth noting that we pay attention to the fact that it belongs to the recent history while choosing the movie.

La Piel Que Habito

Released in 2011, the film tells the story of a plastic surgeon trying to get revenge on the men who raped his daughter.

Die Welle

Rainer Wenger, a charismatic teacher, has to take the Autocracy class. Wenger declares himself the leader over time and turns the class into a group of uniform people.

Get Out

Going to meet his lover’s family, Chris notices that the black individuals staying in the mansion have disappeared after a while. The warning made to him is that he must leave the house before the work is too late.

A Quiet Place

What would you do if your only chance against sound-sensitive monsters was to live in silence? A Quiet Place is definitely a production that manages to take the audience to the peaks of tension.

Gerald’s Game

The film explores the terrible consequences of the fantasy of a couple whose marriage went badly to save their situation.

Train To Busan

A father takes a train to Busan with his daughter. During the journey, a virus has emerged that turns people into zombies and this virus comes into the train.

Knives Out

The film, translated into Turkish as the Blades, is about the story of a detective trying to uncover the secret behind the death of a famous author.

Cloverfield Lane

Released in 2016 and made in the USA, the film is about a life in which it is impossible to live outside of shelters as a result of a chemical attack.


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