Justin Long, the lead actor of Mac ads, now appears in Intel advertisements.Intel makes a great reference to Apple in its newly launched advertising campaign.

The actor named Justin Long, who appeared as “I am a Mac” in old Mac commercials, this time appears in Intel commercials saying “I am a Justin”.

One ad compares the flexibility of the Intel 2-in-1 Lenovo Yoga 9i with the MacBook Pro, highlighting the first’s ability to work as both a traditional laptop and a tablet. The ad also implies that similar functionality in Apple’s ecosystem will require an iPad, keyboard, stylus, and a dongle.

In another ad, it is pointed out that someone playing on the MSI Gaming Stealth 15M powered by Core i7 cannot play games on a Mac at all. Apple computers are also mocked for their Touch Bars, non-touch-enabled displays, M1 multi-monitor support, and gray color options.

In general, Justin Long can say that Intel started to grind Apple, which started to part ways with him after M1 processors with the Go PC series ads.

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