Researchers at the crypto analytics platform Santiment analyze the change in the number of crypto whales purchasing Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Can Sell Pre-Half
According to a new report, Bitcoin whales, which have 1,000 to 10,000 BTC, started to increase their BTC numbers this week, which may indicate that they are aiming to sell Bitcoin at a high price in the short term, with the expectation of a halt. Santiment also says that as an additional sign that traders can try to sell at the summit in anticipation of a drop in the price of Bitcoin, a significant number of immobile addresses are now moving their BTC.

According to Santiment’s head, Dino Ibisbegovic, the overall feeling surrounding the Bitcoin half may also be changing:

Our social media data tends to decline steadily on price movements before the half-timeā€¦

Last week, the mood associated with Bitcoin was incredibly high, up to $ 9,000 on most social networks. However, we have seen that his mood has decreased since then. This is most noticeable on the Telegram platform, which registered a 3-month uptrend in BTC last week. Also, interest in BTC fell sharply after exceeding $ 9,000.


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