As every year, dozens of different flagships will be launched in 2021. Smartphones, some of which will be released with a gigantic screen and some with a long battery life, are now being eagerly awaited. Xiaomi, iPhone, OnePlus and many more famous phones will be presented to the users in 2021 with a highly improved performance. Smartphones that may be the best 5 phones of 2021 and yet to be released continue to excite users.



Among the phones that will be released in 2021, the phone models that will undoubtedly attract the most attention will be iPhone 13 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, Redmi K40, Mi 11 Pro and realme Race Pro. These phones, with their performance and advanced technology, will sell millions of units this year. Let’s share brief information about the mentioned phones. Let’s see what features will be the best 5 phones of 2021. Here are those phone models that we can call 2021 flagships.


The 5 Best Phones of 2021

realme Race Pro

The first flagship to be launched by the realme brand as Pro, the realme Race Pro will appear with 125W fast charging support. In addition to the 160Hz refresh rate, the phone, which is known to take its place in the market with a QHD OLED display, will have Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 888 chipset and LPDDR5 RAM up to 12GB. The phone will be presented to Chinese users for the first time this month.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

No matter how much we write about Xiaomi smartphones, we cannot talk much. The Chinese giant Mi 11 Pro, which succeeds in taking its technology one step further every year, will burn both pockets and hearts. Mi 11 Pro, which will bring a first to the industry, will have a 200MP primary camera. The phone, which will also have a 120x zoom level, will make users smile with its 80W fast wireless charging feature.


Redmi K40

The Redmi K40, which is expected to be released with an extremely popular mid-range technology, will come up with a 2K AMOLED display in addition to 120Hz refresh. The successful phone, which will be satisfied with its performance, will effectively deliver its flagship performance to its users in the middle range. MediaTek Dimensity will take its place on the market this month, which is expected to have a 1200 chipset.


OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9, which will emerge as the best phone of the OnePlus series, will allow us to take flawless photos with its superior camera performance. It will have the flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, which will also feature fast wireless charging up to 45W. The phone, which will also include 65W fast wired charging support, can take its place in the market in March.


iPhone 13 Pro

As every year, a lot of things have been written about the iPhone this year. The iPhone 13 Pro, which will be released as the most advanced version of the iPhone series, will have six fingerprint sensors. In addition to a notchless design, the flagship to be released will also go to growth in memory. The phone, which is expected to be released in September, has not been evaluated in detail yet.


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