One of the resources that Kdramas use to make us love their characters and stories are the bromances that take place. If you still do not know what a ‘bromance’ is, we will explain it briefly. It is that friendship or ‘love-hate’ relationship between the two main male characters.

There are several stories that give us a series of interactions between them that make our heart beat and make our day.

From old childhood friends to love rivals turned best friends, here are some of the best Kdrama bromances:


This is, without a doubt, the perfect example of a ‘bromance’. The iconic Kdrama gifted us with the ‘love-hate’ relationship between Kim Shin and La Parca or ‘Grim Reaper’, where the funny and charming scenes of both actors managed to win the hearts of not only the viewers, but also the production , who did their best to contain their laughter while filming.

At one point both can be seen arguing and wrestling with their super powers, while at the other you will find them seeking comfort in each other.

Descendants of the Sun

‘Descendants of the Sun’ was the most popular and talked about Kdrama of 2016 not only because of the charming and chemistry-filled lead couples, but also because of the wonderful camaraderie between Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo.

South Korean fans called the pair of friends the ‘dumb and dumb duo’ and it’s not hard to see why, as one of the most iconic scenes in Kdrama is when they tried to throw each other under a bus when a package arrived. the hands of their girlfriends.

Mr. Sunshine

Completely different from each other but united by the love of the same girl. The bromance that arose between the United States Ambassador Eugene Choi, the son of a Korean nobleman, Kim Hee Sung, and the Korean-Japanese swordsman Gu Dong Mae is another reason that makes Mr. Sunshine one of the best Kdramas of all the times.

Despite the marked differences in their past and present, they managed to find support, comfort, and empathy for each other. Besides that those same differences give us incredibly funny scenes.

A Korean Odyssey

Korean Odyssey is an adaptation of the Chinese legend Journey to the west. Son Oh Gong and Woo Ma Wang are immortal, each with unique powers, and their rivalry continues to this day. Oh Gong was freed by Jin Seo Min when she met him when she was a child and he has to protect her at all costs in exchange for her freedom.

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Oh Gong and Ma Wang are always at odds with each other, arguing over trivial things, such as where their representative, a monkey, and a bull should be placed.

Since both actors had already worked together in another Kdrama, you can see the incredible chemistry between them.

W: Two Words

Kang Chul is the main character of a popular Webtoon series named W. In the comic, he is an Olympic gold medalist whose life was turned upside down when he was accused of the murder of his family.

Finally, he is proven innocent and years later he owns a successful company and is determined to hunt down the real killer.

Seo Do Yoon is Kang Chul’s best friend and bodyguard. Despite all the accusations that Kang Chul had endured, Do Yoon never doubted him and remained faithful.

Reply 1988

The Reply series has been so well received that the latest ‘Reply 1988’ installment was no different. This feel-good drama is bursting with bromance and epitomizes the phrase “that’s what friends are for”:

Becoming an adult can be difficult, but navigating friendships growing up is even more difficult. While there are many reasons why friendships fall apart, this group of guys shows that their friendship is strong enough to withstand all of that.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, Cha Do Hyun hides a dark secret: He was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Oh Ri On, is a famous writer whose task is to uncover the corrupt practices of the rich and famous, so he approaches Do Hyun for this very purpose.

Weaving a bromance in this drama is easy as Do Hyun takes on six other personalities. One of them is Ahn Yo Na, an idol-obsessed teenager who shows up whenever Do Hyun is stressed.

This bromance really stole the show, so much so that the pair of actors took home the ‘Best Couple’ award at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards.

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