If you are a lover of dramas, you have probably already fallen in love with a Chinese production, because C-Dramas, like K-Dramas, are series that manage to captivate us with their developments and of course, we also end up in love with their characters.

Fortunately, Viki, one of the most popular streaming platforms among drama lovers, has endless options, as it has a catalog of Korean, Japanese, Thai and of course, Chinese dramas.

That’s why today we want to share with you some of the best C-Dramas found on the Viki platform, so you don’t miss any of them. Take note!

Heirs From Another Star

The plot revolves around a Qing Dynasty prince who travels back in time to modern China to become a teenage heir attending a wealthy high school in an intense brotherly battle. The female lead is another heir to a conglomerate betrothed to the lead. And of course there is a triangle with the bad boy’s rival.

My Amazing Boyfriend

Xue Ling Qiao is a superpowered mutant man who has been roaming the Earth for 500 years, but has been trapped in a deep sleep for the past 100 years. When Tian Jing Zhi is involved in a car accident, Ling Qiao breaks free from his dream trap.

Thinking of You, Lu Xiang Bei

Lu Xiang Bei was abandoned as a child by his father. Then his family lost everything in a fire and he ended up in an orphanage when his mother died in a tragic car accident. Xiang Bei is determined to get revenge on both his father and the person he believes is responsible for the ruin of his family.

Tong Yi Nianes is the privileged daughter of the president of the “Perfect Appliances Group”. And she is oblivious to all this plot of lies and revenge, she falls in love with our protagonist.

Le jun kai

Le Jun Kai lives devising ways to get revenge, so he decides to marry Ye Zi, the daughter of his enemy. And during their time together he is dedicated to mistreating her and making her life as miserable as he can. However, Jun Kai ends up falling in love with Ye Zi, but in order to maintain her main goal he does his best to deny the love he feels for her wife, until he finally divorces her.


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