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We continue our series of best free games on Steam with new games. There are hundreds of free to play on Steam. The games on Steam can be played multiplayer with friends thanks to the social support of the platform. With a single account, you can safely store your progress on Steam, where you can play every game. Steam, which can be the meeting point on the internet for free online games, contains more than 50,000 games.

Free to play: The best free games on Steam
To play games on the platform, you must first create a Steam account. After creating your account on the Steam website, you can purchase as you wish. No credit card information is required to add free games to your library. After Steam includes the games in our list of best free games in your library, you must install the Steam client on your computer to play.

1- Black Squad                                                                                                     Black Squad is a free-to-play military action game with a primary person perspective. Players can master their skills and demonstrate their strategies through long-range maps, modes, and weapons. The game with thousands of players is still actively in the list of best-to-play free games.

2- Heroes & Generals
The game, which deals with armament competition between nations, has a large player mass. The main purpose of the multiplayer game is to win the game by taking over 15 cities. The game, which deals with the Second World War theme, draws attention with its similarity with Battlefield.

3- Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale, which is among the free battle-royale games, has a realistic gameplay structure. The game played online attracts attention with its free and less system requirements against PUBG.

4- PlanetSide 2
The game, which deals with the struggle in different worlds, has an open world-like structure. You can choose three different empires in the game based on the logic of war and capture. The game, which has a very wide gameplay content, has thousands of players.

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5- World of Warplanes
The game, which deals with the aviation concept of Wargaming studio’s online war games, has gained great attention in a very short time even though it is in the early access process. The game, which is played as 5v5, also has many game modes.

6- Conqueror’s Blade
The tactical war game Conqueror’s Blade, which made its debut last year, has very good graphics and realistic gameplay. Epic struggle between empires is the subject of the online game.

7- Star Trek Online
The online game that Star Trek fans love playing is still playing even though it debuted ten years ago. Being one of the best among the space-themed MMO games, the game manages to reflect the story in the series quite well.

8- Business Tour
The popular online board game Business Tour, which was very popular during its debut, has a completely free structure. The game that we are familiar with online card games is one of the best board games on the PC.

9- War Robots
The game that deals with the war between robots one day in the future, 6v6 is played online. The game, which has hundreds of different strategic combinations, has 12 different maps. You can put War Robots, which has a large gameplay content, on your list of war games.

10- Path of Exile
The game, which has a bird’s eye view, has a rich content and loyal players. Despite being updated frequently, the game, which tries to maintain its quality on the first day, unfortunately cannot reach large audiences due to this policy.

How did you find our list of the best free games 3 on Steam? If you have not reviewed the games in our previous reviews, we strongly recommend that you take a look. What are the games you plan to add to your library among these games? Let’s discuss in the comments.


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