Korean netizens recently discussed the most powerful ‘Big 3’ agency on the digital music chart.

It was discussed by Korean netizens after recently many SM Entertainment artists topped the digital music chart.

As we know, SM Entertainment is one of the big agencies included in ‘Big 3’ besides JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

Korean netizens then assume that currently SM Entertainment is the most powerful agency on the digital music chart among other ‘Big 3’ agencies.

A netizen on the Pann site wrote, “Last year, Taeyeon became the top singer among other ‘Big 3’ artists and this year, the song ‘Psycho’ Red Velvet topped the entire music chart.”

“Now, Taeyeon is back in first and third place on the music chart. The OST sung by Joy also went back up on the music chart and the OST sung by Baekhyun has hardly dropped since January. Among the male idols in the ‘Big 3’ agency, EXO is the most powerful on the digital music chart, “he wrote.

Responding to the post, many other Korean netizens claimed to agree and comment:

“‘Psycho’ really lasted very long on the music chart, hahaha,”

“Seriously, I want to pretend I don’t know about ‘Psycho’ so that Red Velvet can go back to promoting as five members,”

“I thought that if the song ‘Psycho’ was promoted in a music program it would be even better on the music chart,”

“Taeyeon is even better than BTS on the music chart,”

“Psycho” is still in the top 20. I was really shocked, “and many other comments.


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