The leader of the phone market, where competition is fierce, has once again been revealed. The world’s largest Chinese phone maker was Xiaomi.


As we leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, we continue to write our news with brand new developments. We will talk about one of the leading smart phone manufacturers in the world in this news, which we once again stated that brand new phones continue to be released. The Xiaomi brand, which is highly popular both in the world and in our country, left its mark on 2021 as we mentioned in our previous news. The company, which established a throne in the hearts of millions with its smart phones, has achieved a great success as expected. Xiaomi has reached the title of the world’s largest Chinese phone maker.

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which brought the new Mi 11 series to millions of users on March 29, 2021, is currently working on televisions and electric vehicles as well as smartphones. At the end of the year, the company, which will introduce its unique vehicle models, has also succeeded in marking the smartphone market.

Xiaomi Became the World’s Largest Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer in February 2021

In fact, we have stated in almost every news that the Chinese technology giant will mark the year 2021. As the TeknoBurada team, we continue to convey all kinds of developments in the depths of the internet to you, our valuable readers, and this title of the Chinese phone manufacturer did not surprise us. The company, which launched its high-end smartphones with very attractive price tags, became the world’s largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer in February 2021. The company, which has reached a very critical point in the market, seems to continue its success for many years.


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