According to a new blog post, Bitcoin Core chief guardian Wladimir van der Laan decided to take on an “even more” “background role” to decentralize the project further.



Central bottleneck

Bitcoin Core is the key software that underpins the Bitcoin network. While Van der Laan’s work is inherently important, it ensures that the project’s code goes smoothly, while some in the community see him as a kind of leader. As Van der Laan said, this situation has become a kind of “central bottleneck”.

The announcement came after he found himself in controversy on Thursday. Some Bitcoin users did not like the decision to take the whitepaper on on legal threats from Craig Wright. However, van der Laan argues that the decision to withdraw from Core was a decision he had been thinking about for a while.

“I will start by delegating my own duties and reducing my participation. I don’t intend to stop contributing to Bitcoin or even the Bitcoin Core project. But I want to take myself off the critical path and (even more) take on a background role. ”

Decentralized Bitcoin Core development

He thinks this move will help decentralize a digital currency that should not have any leaders. “One thing is clear: This is a serious project right now, and we have to start taking decentralization seriously,” says Van der Laan.

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Wladimir van der Laan’s decision is part of an effort to further decentralize the project. For example, 2020 saw a wave of Bitcoin companies distributing grants to developers working on the underlying protocol.

For example, OKCoin finances Marco Falke, the most active maintainer behind van der Laan in terms of commitments. Marco, – successfully adding code changes to the project. Popular exchange Coinbase now supports both developers after receiving a lot of requests from the community. Several other companies joined them last year to distribute grants.

Bitcoin Core contributor John Newbery launched the nonprofit Brink to guide and fund more developers, especially with the aim of including more participants from different backgrounds.

Indeed, van der Laan states in his post that he is no longer the most active Bitcoin Core developer, as several people have joined the ranks over the years.

It also outlines other ideas to decentralize the project. For example, is one of the primary websites where users can download new versions of the Bitcoin Core code. However, it is privately owned and centralized. He proposes to move it to an organization.

“Bitcoin is quite different from other [free and open source software] projects in terms of some of the requirements here, so we will need to develop some tools as we move forward. We can also use some help here, ”he says.


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