After the black trader group, which had previously ordered 3,500 PS5 thanks to the bots, this time another group ordered 2,000 consoles.

The PlayStation 5, which debuted in November 2020 and attracted a lot of attention all over the world, unfortunately still suffers from stock shortages all over the world. Especially those who sell black markets in the UK cause great difficulties for citizens who want to buy the console.

As noticed by the site called The Gamer, Carnage, a new black market group, seems to have placed a large amount of PlayStation 5 orders. According to their Twitter accounts, 2,000 PlayStation 5 orders were placed.

This black market group named Carnage is a different group from the group that gave 3500 PlayStation 5 orders last time and said they did not regret it. The name of that group is CrepChiefNotify.

The comment made by the band named Carnage after the order is even more annoying. As you can see in the image below, the group’s comment “It gets easier every time.” dead. However, the order of 1000 Xbox Series X was canceled last time because it was noticed. Likewise, this order can be canceled. It is not known how the group named Carnage ordered so many times, but it is estimated that it was made with boots.


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