As you know, our agenda topic for months has been the corona virus and the damage it has left on people as a result. COVID-19, which came to the agenda with the damage caused mainly in the respiratory tract and lungs, came up with a new damage. This new virus, which we met with the first incidents in Wuhan, China, started to gradually decrease its effect in China. However, Chinese doctors who defeated the corona virus faced a new situation: their skin color has darkened!

The skin color of doctors who have eaten the corona virus has darkened
Health workers have been working hard for this epidemic for a while. An interesting news came from China nowadays, where we witnessed important developments on a country basis.

Chinese doctors who defeated the corona virus in Wuhan, China saw that their skin color became darker. Although this is a very interesting thing, changing skin color leads us to the conclusion that the virus affects an important organ such as the liver as well as the respiratory tract.

Two Chinese doctors have been on treatment for two months, and after the liver damage caused by the infections left by this virus, a significant darkening of the skin color of the doctors occurred. Doctors Yi Fan and Hu Weifeng state that they are impressed by this change in skin color.

The iron, which has to be stored in the liver of the hospital doctors since January 18, could not be stored well due to the virus, causing problems in the blood vessels. For this reason, organs that cannot pump enough blood cause the skin color to change.

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Although the exact cause of this darkening is unknown, the medicine given to doctors is thought to produce such a result. The treatment of the doctors, whose drugs have not been known, continues.

In the new report published after the birth of this result, it is stated that corona virus drugs or direct virus can cause problems in the livers of people and cause significant damage. Doctors are expected to regain skin color in the coming days.


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