Activities such as distance learning and working increased the load on cloud platforms. Industry giants aim to spread this burden by expanding to different countries. Consequently, incomes are also increasing.

Pandemic has a great impact on the server side as well as on the end user products. Cloud infrastructures, in particular, are faced with an ever-increasing load, which affects revenues. In the first quarter of the new year, the giants of the sector again became giants.

Cloud usage is increasing

According to the analysis, cloud infrastructures reached a volume of 41.8 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year and showed an increase of 35 percent. The sector has exceeded a volume of 40 billion dollars in a quarter for the first time. The top 3 service providers have 58 percent of the volume.

Amazon AWS has a 32 percent share in the industry and achieved 32 percent growth. Amazon continues to grow with its expansion to different countries of the world. Microsoft Azure also has a 19 percent share and achieved 50 percent growth for 3 consecutive quarters. Like its competitor, Microsoft has gained important customers with different offices and productivity technologies. Google especially increased its customer potential with Google One. Although it has a share of 7 percent, it has achieved an increase of 56 percent on a yearly basis.

The fact that activities such as distance education and work will continue in the upcoming period will contribute to the growth of cloud infrastructures. Cloud spending is expected to increase further during the year.


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