The cost of the iPhone SE 2020 turned out, which some users were eagerly awaiting. The new model, which was launched with its structure resembling iPhone 8, was also on the agenda with its affordable price. So how expensive is Apple’s new product?

iPhone SE 2020 cost announced! Is it costly?
The iPhone SE 2020, which is presented to users with its 4.7 inch size LCD screen, gets its power from the A13 Bionic processor. This processor, which also powers the iPhone 11 family, can increase its speed to 2.65 GHz.

As it is known, Apple produced this model to achieve a bigger profit margin and to sell a more affordable iPhone model. Parts tests showed that the parts used in the production of the iPhone SE 2020 have a total cost of 18 percent lower than the parts of the iPhone 8.

According to the report released by the Fomalhaut Techno Solutions team, the cost of the iPhone SE 2020 has dropped to $ 217. The similarity of the iPhone 8 duo with this model; It provides advantages and reduces costs such as screen mounting, camera repair and SIM tray repair.


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