Previously canceled II. Six Days in Fallujah, the war game about the Battle of Fallujah, was once again announced in recent months. This time, reactions started to come for the game.

Six Days in Fallujah, which has a first-person perspective, published by Victura and developed by Highwire Games, began to react.

Six Days in Fallujah would normally be published by Konami, but after the criticism of the game from anti-war groups and war veterans, Konami canceled the game. The game was announced again by Victura in recent months. However, the game started to get reactions again.

The Washington DC-based Council on American-Islamic Relations for Muslims; Valve contacted Sony and Microsoft, demanding that they refuse to release the game. The companies do not yet have an explanation of the situation. Huzaifa Shahbaz, one of the coordinators of the American-Islamic Relations Council, made the following statement about the situation:

“We ask Microsoft, Sony and Valve to refuse to publish Six Days in Fallujah, an Arab murder simulator that will normalize violence against Muslims around the world. Six Days in Fallujah serves to justify the violence of hundreds of civilians who lost their lives and strengthen anti-Muslimism. . ”

Six Days in Fallujah, II. It is about the Battle of Fallujah. It was stated that the studio interviewed many soldiers in order to tell the events in the most realistic way. The game will be released for consoles and PC later this year.


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