After the broadcast of episode 3×08, one of the big questions that fans of ‘Westworld’ ask themselves is: what will happen next? It has already been announced that there will be a fourth season and, in fact, on HBO they have advanced that they have an agreement with the creators of the series for a potential fifth season.

HollywoodReporter went a little further last month, stating that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have agreed with HBO on a collaboration that can be extended to six seasons, although the source of that information is not clarified. Now, with all the fans debating how season 3 has ended, and what can happen in season 4, Nolan acknowledges that they don’t know how many seasons can prolong the history of ‘Westworld’.

“We are nearing the end” (Jonathan Nolan)
“Lisa and I have never talked about a number of seasons. She has been reporting on deals and things like that. But we’ve never really said how many seasons we imagine this is going to last, because I think it would be stupid to do it. Things change. , the circumstances change, “said Christopher Nolan’s brother.

“I think when we sat down to do the show, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be [laughs]. How many years would it take per season. So we’ve never really talked about how many seasons we had planned, and I certainly think that when We made the plan, we didn’t come up with a specific number of seasons, exactly, there was a beginning, a middle and an end.

When you have a show like this, you want it to continue while you are telling a captivating story. We are nearing the end, but we have not fully planned it. Right now, part of the job is looking at the rest of the story we have to tell. ”

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It should be noted that ‘Westworld’ continues to lose viewers: the last episode of season 3 had 18% less audience than the “season finale” of season 2. Despite this, its figures are better than those obtained by ‘Watchmen’ and ‘The visitor’ (‘The Outsider’) hence HBO’s confidence. The intention was to shoot season 4 this year and premiere it in 2021 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the plan seems ruled out and it will take a little longer to know how the story continues …


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