The flag of Italy together with some characters from India cause a message to crash a Apple device.

History repeats itself: Again, a message with a few characters sent through a messaging application is capable of causing an Apple device to crash completely. In 2018, an error caused by a simple character, a Hindu symbol belonging to the Telugu language, caused that if we put it in a message and sent it, it was able to block the recipient’s device as soon as it tried to read the message.

The most serious problem is that the Hindu symbol could be sent through different apps, and it was not something reduced to iMessage, but it also worked through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook or Gmail. Once the message with the character was received, when trying to open it, the device remained ‘frozen’, blocked and restarted because the app tries to access the message and load the symbol, without success. In that same year, history repeated itself with the word ‘Taiwan’, because of the feud between China and Taiwan for the independence of the latter.

Italy and the Shindi language
And we say that history repeats itself because again some characters from India are causing the problem. According to the MacRumors website, if you send a message to an Apple device that contains the Italian flag and some characters in the Shindi language (one of the many languages ​​in India), you will cause the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even a Mac will ‘crash’, crash and need to be restarted.

And you do not have to choose a particular delivery app, but apparently the message works whether you send it through native iOS apps such as Messages and Mail, or others. In fact, on Reddit the message has been seen circulating on Telegram and even Twitter. In itself it is a bug, an inconvenience at the level of the iOS operating system that seems to have problems processing that sum of characters within a message. And by not being able to, it causes the terminal to crash.

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A bug already fixed by Apple
At the moment Apple has not spoken, but a user has told MacRumors that the bug no longer works in the recent second beta of iOS version 13.4.5, so it seems that Apple has already found the solution and has repaired. Will the next blocking message also be with characters from a language spoken in India?


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