The legendary multimedia support of the Internet will be out of date this year as confirmed by Adobe.

For some, Adobe Flash was the preferred tool for animating or creating multimedia content for the Internet. For others, it was the program that had to be updated to watch video or interactive content on the Web. Both are right and everyone will remember the typical message of “install Adobe Flash to the latest version” even to enter YouTube. But times change and today Adobe has set an expiration date for its plugin best known to Internet users.

The date of the final goodbye to Adobe Flash

The most veteran Internet users will remember the programs to install whenever you have a new PC. We are not talking about Office, which also, but about those small universal programs that were used for everyday things such as opening a PDF, unzipping a .rar file or, most basic, watching a video or playing in your browser. And the latter was only possible before if you had Adobe Flash installed on your machine.

The software had two functions: the professional version was for those who knew how to animate and create interactive content for the Web, and the plug-in that you installed to read them in any browser. However, web page developers have found a way to create content without this ability, a sign that in the world of technology the old is also discarded, and it is time to say goodbye to Adobe Flash at the end of the year.

Three years ago the firm decided to close support for this function with the arrival of the new HTML 5 standards. In addition, the application made some pages heavier and slower, something that no longer occurs with the most current versions. However, this did not stop Adobe from releasing updates for both PC and mobile devices in order to avoid security flaws for those who used it.

What to do if you already have it on your machine?

Now that it is known that Adobe Flash will cease to exist on December 31, 2020, many will wonder what to do. The firm has made it clear in its statement and that is that the application comes to an end of use, a softer term than saying “end of life” or “end of live” as the text says. In it, users are urged that when the time comes to uninstall the application since it will no longer have support and therefore it can become a fissure in your computer through which a modern virus enters.


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