The smartphone model Mi 11 Pro, which technology manufacturer Xiaomi is preparing to launch next month, has surfaced. The device is expected to come in two color options.

An image was shared on the Chinese social network Weibo, noting that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro smartphone will be launched in two different colors. The standard version, Mi 11, was released yesterday and broke a sales record. The pro version is expected to hit the shelves in February.

Will not come with an under-display camera
Sources claim that the smartphone will have a completely different camera setup. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi 11 comes with a camera module with 108, 13 and 5 megapixels resolution without a camera with periscope optics. Therefore, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to come with a four-sensor camera, including a periscope sensor. We also see that there is a phrase such as 120X zoom in the image.

It is stated that the Mi 11 Pro display will support 120Hz refresh rate, SDR and HDR conversion, MEMC anti-aliasing technology and AI scaling. In addition, the charging performance of the smartphone will be faster than the Xiaomi Mi 11. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is claimed to get exactly the same screen as the Mi 11, and that goes not just for the features but also for the front camera in the upper left corner of the screen. However, in previous leaks, it was reported that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be equipped with a third-generation under-display front camera developed by Xiaomi.


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