Software giant Microsoft is making a comprehensive visual revision plan for the Windows operating system. The company started working to give users the “Windows is back” message.

It turns out that Microsoft is planning a radical visual refresh for the Windows operating system. The software giant wants to give users a “Windows is back” message.

The company’s visual revision plans emerged thanks to a job posting posted on its official website. There are some very remarkable statements in the job description of the sought senior software engineer:

“In this team, you will be tasked with showing our customers that Windows is BACK and making Windows recognized as the best operation for the user experience, working with Surface and our OEM partners on extensive visual refresh work.”

Interface update expected in 2021
Microsoft silently removed these ambitious phrases from their job description after their reflection in the press. It was said that the company would update the user interface of the Windows operating system in 2021. Major changes are expected, especially in the Start Menu, File Explorer and built-in system applications.


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