The director of Haunting of Hill House, one of Netflix’s successful horror series, wants to make a movie about Clayface, one of Batman’s enemies.

One of the first names that comes to mind when we think of comics, even superheroes, is of course Batman. Because of the character’s creation, universe and style, he is a hero who can easily appeal to all ages. As those who read comics will know, it is easier to appeal, especially to adults.

We haven’t seen a horror movie set in the Batman universe so far, but if we did, it would be extremely beautiful. However, maybe we will see such a movie in the future because Mika Flanagan, one of the successful directors, said that he wanted to sign such a project.

Mike Flanagan, who has directed Netflix’s successful horror series The Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep, said he wanted to make a horror movie set in the Batman universe and especially focused on Batman’s enemy Clayface.

Unfortunately, there is currently no news that a step has been taken regarding this project. However, we hope that we can officially see such an announcement in the coming years. DC is currently very confused about the cinema universe. We are very curious about what will happen in the upcoming process, but they have previously said that they will make more films such as The Joker and The Batman that take place in the alternative universe.


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