The announcement made by the GPU giant in the past weeks was received very positively on the player front. The latest development has annoyed users waiting for the graphics card stock shortage to be resolved.

Nvidia announced in the past weeks that the RTX 3060 will come with restrictions on miners.

” Hardware based miner constraint ”
The latest 470.05 driver removes the cryptocurrency mining limit, which officials from Nvidia announced are based on verification between the GPU-vBIOS-driver trilogy.

The announcement about the driver that allowed the RTX 3060 to mine Ethereum at full performance was quick. The company underlined that it only works in some configurations for the driver it stated that it uses in its internal tests.

The driver, which removes the cryptocurrency restriction, is also compatible with some models when only cards connected to a monitor are directly connected to the motherboard without an intermediary such as a riser card. It has been confirmed that the currently uninstalled driver works with cards from various manufacturers.


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