Bethesda shares the latest news about its video game for mobile and Nintendo Switch, announcing that it will soon be available in its final version.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades will soon leave its Early Access or early access version with the arrival of its 1.7 update, giving way to its final version along with great news. This has been announced by Bethesda through an official publication, anticipating a series of contents that will be available very soon along with the aforementioned patch 1.7. Of course, beyond the “very soon”, there is no specific date and it has not been detailed if it will only affect the iOS and Android mobile version or if it will also be valid for the Nintendo Switch port.

6 new missions, Arena mode and gifts
Thus, among the main novelties of update 1.7 we will find up to six new missions, unpublished until now, along with other types of missions that will encourage us to play battles through the player versus player Arena mode, in which we must defeat all our enemies one after another.

This Arena-style game mode will challenge players with increased difficulty as battles are overcome, all to challenge the tournament’s great champion. With each victory, players will be rewarded with great rewards like gold, gear pieces, chests and even the champion’s weapons as a final grand prize.

On the other hand, Patch 1.7 will reset PvP markers to grant players rewards in the form of gems, potions, and chests based on their currently achieved position. In addition, guilds will now have their own scorecards to compete for dominance among them.

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Lastly, Bethesda has announced that everyone who logs in during the current early access phase will receive a very special gift, all to encourage players to delve into the adventures of The Elder Scrolls: Blades ahead of its next release! Definitive on iOS and Android, along with its version of Nintendo Switch, in all cases, as free to play.


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