The problems experienced by the F-35s are endless. Maintenance and technical problems within the scope of the F135 engines manufactured by Pratt & Whitney may leave the aircraft without engines.

The F-35 joint attack aircraft program started to have painful days due to the engine shortage experienced due to the length of repair times. In this context, the US Air Force announced that the aircraft will participate in air shows less often.
The fifth-generation fighter F-35’s engines are supplied by the US manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. It is stated that the problems faced by the F135 engines produced by the company are twofold. The first problem is related to the maintenance process of the engines. According to the F-35 program officials, the Heavy Maintenance Center at Tinker Air Base in Oklahoma cannot carry out scheduled depot maintenance of the engines within specified periods. In the face of this situation, which is stated to be a very serious problem, by 2022, 5% to 6% of the F-35 fleet is likely to be without motor.

Cracks occur in the coatings
The other problem is related to the turbine blades of the engines. It is stated that the heat arising from the problem caused by the operation of the engines without slowing down causes early cracks or layers in the turbine blade coatings. The only solution to the problem is possible by removing the engines and repaired.

It is stated that the signs of the problems in the engine supply of the F35 emerged in early 2020. As you know, a letter sent by the F135 Maintenance Center in the summer of the same year is the announcement. As a result of the article stating that it will not be possible for the center to maintain 60 engines a year, the current situation is faced.

As a result of the aforementioned process, it has been shared that the Air Combat Command will use F-35s in much less air shows and that the planes will only participate in 8 air shows in 2021.

According to the worst scenario, it is stated that 20% of the warplanes can remain without motor until 2025.


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