After the Formula 1 races were delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world of racing fills this gap with the F1 2019 game. F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix started with the participation of some racers.

The F1 season has been delayed like most international sports organizations. With the coronavirus increasing its effect, F1 drivers carry the racing competition, which is the most fun thing that they can do to avoid life, to the F1 game.

Formula 1 announces the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix eSports organization, which will include some F1 drivers for the PC version of Codemasters’ official F1 2019 game. The racers are experiencing the excitement of the delayed F1 season this time in the worldwide e-sports organization.

Virtual races at the Gfinity Esports Arena in the UK started with the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix and will be the scene for all other delayed Grand Prixes. The PC version of F1 2019 was used in the tournament, and the first virtual GP on the Sakhir track was held as a half-length race with 28 laps.

F1 2019 is configured to encourage fun races to eliminate inequality between riders. For drivers who are not good at the game, vehicle damage is reduced and advantages such as anti-lock brakes and traction control are provided.

Names such as musician Liam Payne, professional golfer Ian Poulter, and cyclist Chris Hoy, who won the Olympic Gold medal six times, will fill the gap as not all F1 drivers can participate in the tournament.


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