Google, which released the first developer preview for Android 11 in February and recently released the third version, would release the Android 11 Beta on Google I / O on May 12-14, if it hadn’t been a virus outbreak.

Having decided to postpone it, Google announced that it will announce the Android 11 Beta release after a live broadcast on YouTube on June 3. To compensate for the gap, Android 11 DP 4 has been released as of today.

Android 11 DP 4 has been released! Date set for beta
Under normal circumstances, the first beta was planned to be published in May. However, due to the corona virus outbreak, plans did not go well, and the decision to postpone was made. While beta versions may have serious problems, we do not recommend installing Developer Preview versions by regular users.

According to Google’s new calendar, the second beta will be released in July, and the third beta will be released in August. The final version is expected to be available to users in late August or early September. Whilst the course of the outbreak will cause changes again on these dates, it is currently unknown, while DP 4 release bug fixes and some design changes.

The first highlights were the elimination of the design error in the status bar, the undo gesture from the multi-application display and the modification of the picture-in-picture mode.


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