Until recently there was no concrete date for the activation of the “Mary” hard fork combinator (HFC) event, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOG and inventor of Cardano, has now announced the expected date.

As we previously reported, Mary will launch the multi-asset standard for the Cardano blockchain.

Just like Ethereum, this development will allow local tokens to be published on the blockchain. Hoskinson announced the launch date in the latest video update on “Mary”.

Hoskinson reported that HFC will likely end all quality assurance and developer checks on February 24, adding that the actual event will be within five days of its initial trigger from the previous phase.

“Devnet looks good, changes are positive. We made a big set of QA. So the rockets on the runway seem to be moving according to the schedule. ”

If the IOG fails to comply with the first deadline (February 24), the next date will ultimately be March 1 for the Mary update to be deployed before the HFC event goes live on the mainnet on March 06. As Hoskinson has revealed, Nodes and Daedalus wallet users only need to download the previously provided upgrade.

“So it’s easy for you. Just download the new client. You don’t need to do anything else. ”

Daedalus Flight will be the first version to have a multi-entity interface. Hoskinson hopes it will be released in the first week of March. However, it takes another two weeks for the multi-asset interface to be integrated into the main network in Daedalus. IOG CEO pointed to mid-March as the date.

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Hoskinson also announced that IOG will launch its “Plutus Pioneers” program in the next few weeks, similar to “Stake Pool Pioneers”, which is testing and guiding the transition to the current Shelley era. For “Plutus Pioneers”, IOG will test the first Plutus testnet and write the Plutus code, but the release is expected to be “very soon”.

“So if you’re working on Plutus, a Haskell developer, or a functional programmer wanting to learn a little Plutus, let us know, let’s see what we can do. We can even set up some kind of basic education program. ”

In summary, “Mary”, the second of the three hard forks for Cardano’s Goguen era, will be activated on the main network on March 1. The deadline to activate the update process is February 24th.



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