Although Tesla offered the Autopilot feature to users, it could not perform many functions in urban use yet. The Autopilot system, which cannot detect traffic lights and stop signs, was a feature that users used on highways or when parking their vehicles. With the new Tesla Autopilot update, traffic lights and stop signs will also be in the autopilot feature!

With the new Tesla Autopilot update, traffic lights and stop signs will be detected!
Tesla has been developing Autopilot navigation for some time for traffic lights and stop signs. Although it is not known when it will be presented, this feature has been working on for a long time. With the resulting video, it became clear that the feature is ready for users.

As part of the software update 2020.12.6, the automaker released a Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control features for Autopilot technology. This feature was first introduced to some users with early access for beta testing in March. However, it has now become available for many vehicles in the USA.

The new Tesla Autopilot update version 2020.12.6 is still in beta, and the feature, which is still in beta, will give Tesla vehicles the power to recognize traffic lights and slow down automatically at intersections.

When the car wants to slow down, drivers will receive a notification and stop on the red line shown in the driving image on the vehicle screen. Users then need to push the gear down or press the accelerator to confirm that progress is safe.

Although this new autopilot feature is available in the USA, it is not known when this feature will be available for lights and road signs in other countries. Tesla owners outside the US seem to have to wait a little longer for the feature to arrive in their country.


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