Cardano (ADA) developer IOG has launched the first testnet for their smart contract platform “Alonzo Blue”. The first phase of the roadmap will be completed around September with the full implementation of smart contract features for the platform.



Armstrong receives 1 million Cardano (ADA)

Popular crypto analyst Ben Armstrong recently revealed that there are 1,000,000 ADAs he bought when the price of the cryptocurrency was below $0.15. The analyst stated that he was impressed by their scientific approach and clear development stages.

IOG outlined each step to be taken with Alonzo and the deployment of smart contracts. Cardano’s inventor, Charles Hoskinson, said this method takes more time to complete, but reduces errors and provides a better result.

Armstrong said:

Roadmaps are carefully drawn to keep errors to a minimum and catch any incidents. Even on their website, they describe Cardano as evidence-based. This clear focus means that Cardano is poised to be a lean and powerful machine ready to take the lead against its competitors.

It also has benefits for governments

He added that Hoskinson and Cardano’s vision to create a decentralized platform for government and corporate use with many real-world use cases is another reason for hopeful in the project. According to Armstrong, Cardano is trying to be more than a platform for processing transactions.

Cardano also wants to help second and third world nations break out of poverty and heal their people. One of the main reasons for the suffering of countries like Colombia or Botswana is the lack of infrastructure to protect people’s property.


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