Apple Watch, the best selling and most admired smart watch of today, entered our lives in 2014. Apple Watch, which had dozens of different options when it was first introduced, was offered for sale in gold-plated models.



In the intervening period, the production of the series with low sales figures was stopped, leaving the user a much more limited option. So, how was this change before our eyes in 6 years?

A Twitter user named Giulio Zompetti shared photos of the 2014 Apple Watch Prototype. The original Apple Watch prototype appears in images with an alternative sensor layout.

As you know, the first Apple Watch had a quad sensor array to track heart rate. In the shared prototype images, three much larger sensor holes placed horizontally stand out.

The prototype, where the microphone hole looks the same as the original model, shows one speaker instead of two speakers. Apart from the sensor array, the text on the back of the watch is also positioned differently. It is unknown what the icon in the upper left corner is.

The user with the pseudonym Giulio Zompetti is said to be in the team working on the product, one year before sales began.


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