Later it will arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray. Selecta-Vision does not want the rhythm to stop in time for Coronavirus and for this they have to adapt to the active distribution measures.

Thus, after a deluxe edition to premiere the anime of the moment , the first My Hero Academia film: “Dos Héroes” will reach Spanish homes through the main “ a la carte television ” platforms available.

Fans of Japan’s best-known superheroes will be able to access the movie through iTunes, Google Play, PSN, Filmin, Movistar, Vodafone, and Rakuten .

For its part, the physical edition on DVD / Blu-Ray will arrive in the summer for all those who want to swell the collection on the shelf.

Despite being recommended to be aware of the history of the series , this first film does not require it . The first fifteen minutes of the movie are full of flashbacks and conversations dedicated to those who don’t know the characters and their touring in the anime.

Once underway, we will have the hero apprentices on an island located in the middle of the sea, locked in a building full of terrorists in the purest “Crystal Jungle” style.

The students of the UA academy will be the only heroes in a 200-storey building full of villains and they will have to climb those 200 floors to reach the control center, save the innocents and let the mystery behind that kidnapping be revealed.

The film, which is not intended to be anything more than a contact with the characters in ‘feature film’ format, is at the level of the series in qualitative terms, although there are certain action sequences resolved with much more care and especially well animated .

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Fans of the series will have a hard time forgetting that from May 22nd they will have a couple of ‘clicks’ away the first film of My Hero Academia; but they will have to do numerical calculations because, when the usual distribution channels recover (for Summer, they say in Selecta), they will be able to buy the film in physical format so that it looks like palm on the shelf, as it should be.

On the other hand, Selecta-Vision confirms again that the second film in the series “The Reborn of Heroes’ will be released on the big screen before reaching the domestic market.


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