There are two operating systems in the smartphone market. One of them is Android and the other is iOS as you know. Although phones with operating systems such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerryOS are still working, currently two current operating systems are offered to us. In fact, this is a very small number. Huawei has come a long way with the HarmonyOS operating system it has been working on for the past year. Which will be the first HarmonyOS smartphone? The question was spoken in the backstage, and Chinese sources were saying that the first phone would be the Huawei P50.



According to reports today, the P50 will not be the first phone to use Huawei’s next-generation mobile operating system HarmonyOS. As you know, Huawei was planned to introduce the P50 family at the end of March or, at best, at the end of February at the Mobile World Congress, but according to today’s information, Huawei will come up with a different phone with a new operating system before the P50 series. The possibility of this phone being Honor has started to be mentioned these days. The possibility of this phone being Honor V40 seems serious. Maybe Huawei sold the Honor brand, but announced that it would continue to support software.

It is also among the information that the HarmonyOS operating system will run .apk files. It is even possible to use Google services on phones with this operating system. Huawei will enter the year 2021 very badly. Don’t say he didn’t say; Now America should sit down and think seriously …


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