Google continues to work on the upcoming Android 12. A feature that will disable underused applications in the new version of the operating system has been seen online.

Although the Android 11 operating system was introduced in September 2020, it is still available on a small number of devices. While OEMs are still working on a deployment plan for Android 11, Google has begun testing some features for Android 12.

With Android 12, Google is planning to introduce a ‘Hibernate’ feature to optimize storage, XDA-Developers reports.

Storage management will become easier
In a quest to identify features that could form the core of Google’s next operating system, XDA-Developers noticed a code change in the Android Open Source Project, which was used to list all the changes made to the Android Project in real time.

The feature likely to arrive seems to put apps that are not actively used to hibernate to make room. In the code description, this feature: “Manages application hibernation. It means applications can be optimized for storage when not in active use.” It is defined as.

Additional details such as whether this feature will be enabled automatically or controlled by the user are unknown.

According to the latest reports, the first Android 12 Developer Preview will be available in about a month.

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