The first trailer came for Trackmania, one of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated games. In addition, the game, which was expected to be presented to the users in a short time, was delayed. The date it will be released with its first trailer was officially announced. Here is Trackmania release date and first trailer!

Trackmania release date
The Trackmania, which is expected to be released on May 5, will be available on July 1 on Epic Games and UPlay. The developer team announced that they will use the additional time to improve their racing dynamics, enrich their opportunities to create and share tracks, and strengthen the competition system.

Ubisoft Nadeo also released the first gameplay trailer of the racing game Trackmania. The new Trackmania will provide players with their own vehicle development, track creation and online racing features. In this way, innovation and difference will not be missing from the game.

Competition between vehicles is one of the details that adds action to the game. The rapid progress of the game can speed up the action, so your heartbeat a little. Also, when we look at the first trailer of the game, we see that it is a very colorful and lively game.

Of course, it is not correct to talk about the game for now. We will see the real gaming experience as of July 1. Let’s see if the game will be able to endear itself.


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