Video calls are not something of the 2,000, they started 50 years ago and only a few could make them.

Today it seems that making a video call is something most normal. Just press a button and in a few seconds the person on the other side answers the call by activating the camera on your mobile or PC. But this is the modern application and popularization of what was once the great advancement of telephony. On this day, the video call was born, which is already 50 years old.

50 years of video calling

How easy it is to communicate today! You only need a device to listen to another person, see them or write them. The internet has made it possible to do this quickly and easily, but half a century ago everything was much more rudimentary in hardware. This is how we see it in the commemorative video that AT&T, one of the main American telephone companies, where it was this same firm that contacted two people by video call for the first time.

As you can see in the video everything is reduced to a small tube screen next to a lens placed between two speakers, which was called Picturephone Mod II. According to Engadget, the devices were the first to give a video conference between Pittsburgh Mayor Peter Flaherty and the CEO of Alcoa (a company dedicated to aluminum), John Harper. Today they have been commemorated with a video call among those who are their counterparts now: William Peduto and Michael G. Morris respectively.

How much did it cost before to make a video call

Right now we have rates that cover all the needs of users. Combined data and voice rates, only voice, packages with television and family … there is everything, but back then when the video calls began the payments were quite different. Specifically, you had to pay a whopping $ 160 a month to use it, also having 30 minutes of calls. This is a lot, but the price of things change and what previously cost the previous amount would be equal to nothing less than $ 1,092 today.


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