The Walking Dead News: A GREAT AND REVEREND ‘UPS!’


We recently got word that promo art for the mobile game, The Walking Dead: Survivors, looked suspiciously similar to promo art for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. Twitter user Uwe Bollocks was the one who made people take notice, by putting the two promo side by side.

Now, pop culture news website Comicbook has reached out to the developers at Survivors to find out their position on the matter. Skybount Entertainment, who own the TWD license, were the ones who responded to the site.



In its response, shared by the site, Skybount Entertainment said the following: ‘Elex, the developer and publisher of The Walking Dead: Survivors, would like to apologize for the unacceptable mistake that occurred with a recent piece of promotional art for the game. Although they are developed by an outside agency, it is ultimately our responsibility to properly review these assets and we did not do the right thing for the community and for our licensing partners at Skybound Entertainment. ‘

In addition to apologizing, in their response they assure that they will immediately apply new measures and processes to prevent this from happening again and to handle it in a better way if it does. They also indicated that he had already removed the art of The Walking Dead in question from all networks and that he would not use it again in any way. Of course, in today’s world, that art has already been on the internet for posterity.

If you look closely at the image of ‘Survivors‘ it is easy to see the plagiarism. Whoever made it, just took the TWD characters and put them on top of the Resident Evil 2 protagonists. You can even see Claire Redfield’s gun next to the blonde woman’s.

At the moment, Capcom has not made any public statement about this plagiarism by The Walking Dead. But that could change as the days go by. Do you think a legal lawsuit is coming?


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