You will appreciate that one of the most important purchase criteria in the smartphone market is battery performance. Although manufacturers manage to increase battery performance in mAh only, this is not enough in today’s usage habits. Therefore, there is a big race about charging power recently. Xiaomi was able to launch the Mi 10 Ultra, the phone with 120W fast charging support, and OPPO showed us its 125W fast charging support. Today, we met a technology from the future. It’s called Xiaomi Mi Air Charge.



What does Xiaomi Mi Air Charge do?

So what is this technology? Many people will ask. We can say that this is the latest state of the air charging technology we usually see at fairs. Xiaomi today officially announced this technology on Twitter.

According to Xiaomi executive Agatha Tang, this technology will be a revolutionary technology that changes the way we use our devices. You thought this technology would be used for cell phones right away, but cell phones are just the tip of this iceberg. This technology is actually a technology that will enable electric vehicles to revolutionize. Can you imagine? You go on the highway and you have this technology on the highway. Your vehicle is charging wirelessly as you go. The Xiaomi revolution begins…

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