Deciding to allocate 50 million euros to support the local game industry, the German government allocated some of this money to Claymore Game Studios to be spent on the production of the new Commandos game.

The German government has allocated 50 million euros to support the local game industry. The details of the new games have emerged with the receipt of grants from many well-known developers working on the continuation of the cult projects.

Operating as part of Kalypso Media, Claymore Game Studios is working on the sequel to the iconic Commandos series. 1.53 million euro was allocated from the state budget for the production of the game Commandos: Origins.

Expected to debut in 2023
The Origins project will be funded in 2022. Therefore, the game is not expected to debut before 2023. Apart from the developers of the new Commandos game, many game studios, large and small, are also on the grant list.

Black Forest Games has been allocated 2.23 million euros for the action-adventure game, currently referred to as Project Cattleprod 2. Mimimi Games, known for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Desperados 3, snatched € 2.03 million for the new game project.

Studios and projects with grants of over one million euros:

Black Forest Games – Project Cattleprod 2 (2.23 million euros)
Mimimi Games – Süßkartoffel (2.03 million Euros)
Claymore Game Studios – Commandos: Origins (1.53 million euro)
Gaming Minds Studios – Railway Empire 2 (1.51 million euros)
Snowprint Studios – Projekt LOKI (1.51 million euros)
M2P Entertainment – Plush Bunnies Havoc – Reloaded (1.41 million euros)
Aeria Games – Splitstream (1.30 million euros)
Stratosphere Games – MiniCiv (1.02 million euro)


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